Running Log — 0001

June 23, 2020

Total lifetime tracked distance: 102 km

Today’s Run: 2.8 KM

Although this is the first running log I will be posting, this is not the first run that I have gone on. In the past five weeks, I have run a total of 102 kilometres (about 64 miles).

I am not an elite runner. If I tried to run a marathon right now, I would not come close to breaking the four-hour mark, and my fastest mile is around the 8-minute mark.

These logs purpose is to show an honest, often painful account of improvement in a physical endeavour. Unfortunately, this first log is a painful one.

This past five weeks had a lot of improvements, but, today, I had my first “bad” run in my training. I did not prep well for my run and hadn’t taken adequate steps to recover from my last workout.

What this led to was getting about 2 KM into my run, and feeling severe tightness in my calves, which is something I rarely experience in my runs. Within the next half KM, I realized that I would not be reaching my goal of doing a 10 KM run with a slow pace.

The next few days are crucial to recovering and making sure I eat well and stay hydrated.

I know this will only be a hiccup on my journey to becoming a better runner.

See you next time,


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